Lord Rhino along with his 3333 mighty buffed rhinos entered the Enchanted Solana Jungle and discovered a dusky cave, circled by a wave of smog and resounding with rustling sounds, creating the delusion of a magnetic pull. Lord Rhino got encapsulated with the sight and with a grunt, he happily led the group inside. Instantly, a whip of haze and cold breeze enclosed each of the Rhino.

A pixel spell was cast. When outside, the buffed rhinos were wide-eyed and surprised by their appearances. All the buffed rhinos were recast with 75 plus traits.




Road map



A special meme coin with evolving utilities , It will be utility token for Buffed collections . Holder of Buffed Rhino NFT will be airdropped Buffed Token post mint.


Holders of Buffed Rhino NFTs will be able to stake their NFTs for daily Buffed token rewards after launch.


All the holders of Buffed rhino NFTs will be airdropped a cute baby rhino which will be tradable on secondary markets of solana blockchain.


60% Royalties will be directly distributed among holders and remaining 40% will be donated to Rhino conservation charities


7% of mint proceeds will be directly transferred to community wallet which will be used as per the decision of the holders.


Artist Rhino A.K.A PIXOART

The owner of pixoart on the Binance smart chain. And the artist behind the artwork – Buffed Rhinos.

Big Rhino

The head of the project and oversees all the decisions regarding finance and marketing.

Marketing Rhino

The creator and marketer of the engaging social media posts of Twitter and discord.

Developer Rhino

The developer of our project, with vast experience of working for different successful projects.


3351 (3333+18 (1/1)) , few of which are reserved for giveaways and promotion.

300, Pre-sale spots. more info in discord.

Buffed Rhinos grants you full creative and commercial rights for the pieces you own.

Phantom, Solfare, Slope, Sollet

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